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Our Services

Our cleaning process includes a stringent inspection system. Every garment is checked several times for spots and pressing. It begins with our customer service staff and ends with you. We strive to press shirts and pants perfectly, and garments are as spot free as possible!

Next Day Service

All orders are ready to be picked up by 4:00pm on the next day, Monday thru Friday. Orders dropped off on Fridays wil be ready by Monday at 4:00 pm.

Shirt Laundry

Our staff pays particular attention to each shirt, making sure spots are removed as much as possible, your level of starch is applied, and the shirts are pressed perfectly on our European machines and by hand.

Dry Cleaning

Environmentally friendlier and healthier, PERC-FREE technology effectively cleans and refreshes garments without "that dry cleaning smell". Our solvent will not harm you, wildlife, or waterways.

Wash & Fold

Why do your own laundry when we can do it for you? Bring in at least 12 pounds of laundry and the cost will be $1.69 per lb. Laundry will be washed and folded all you need to do is put it away! 

Wedding Dresses

After the honeymoon, make sure your dress is cleaned by an expert and preserved for the future. Maybe one day your daughter will want to wear it! You can trust us with the most precious garment of your life.

Hats & Boots

We will clean hats and UGGS.

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